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The STEM Premier profile is designed to showcase all your achievements in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and more. Your profile provides a comprehensive view of your academic, technical and extracurricular experience which is seen by the colleges and businesses looking for rising STEM talent.

Rating & Rankings

As a STEM Premier student, you have the ability to display your rating and ranking at the top of your profile. Both distinctions are calculated based on the entirety of your profile, not just your grades and test scores alone. The ratings and rankings allow you to see how you stack up against others competing for admittance, internships and job openings within colleges and businesses.

Student Highlights

The blue boxes at the top of your profile highlight key impact stats such as standardized tests cumulative GPA and student assessment scores. Your areas of interest are also displayed here so that you are matched with colleges and businesses involved in those similar interests. Additionally, if you speak multiple languages you can display that in this section.

Achievements & Activities

Tell your STEM story in the achievements and activities sections. These fields allow you to detail your involvement and explain exactly how you’ve made an impact. Everything including academic awards, sports accolades, community service, leadership positions, certifications, work experience and more will help you separate yourself from the competition.


Don’t just share your experience, show it in the video section! We allow you add interview and extracurricular interviews showcasing your achievements and involvement at the next level. This is a powerful way to display not only your success as a STEM student but who you are beyond the numbers and words.


Proudly display badges you’ve collected for course completions, certifications and accomplishments as a STEM student. STEM Premier is part of the Mozilla OpenBadge community, so on your profile you can display verified badges.

Grades & Scores

To give a complete picture of your academic and technical experience, you can enter all of your courses, grades and scores in your profile. All courses and test scores from high school and college can be listed. Always keep this section up-to-date so that you continue to build your profile with STEM and other new experiences.

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The Dashboard

The dashboard is your central resource for guidance and coaching and is completely customized to your educational and career goals. Information entered into your profile is analyzed to deliver specific recommendations and detailed comparisons so you know how to leverage your strengths and evaluate where improvement is needed.

STEM Coach

Unsure where to focus your time and energy? Let the STEM Coach guide you based on the information recorded in your profile. This feature offers score analysis, assessment tools, major and career suggestions, reading selections, helpful videos and more. The more you know, the better your ability to improve and catch the attention of colleges and businesses looking for you.

How You Compare

STEM Premier compiles national and state data for all major standardized and AP tests so you can quickly see how you compare against the competition. Each of your scores is displayed next to the state mean and national percentile so you can see where you stand. Most tests can be broken down further to reveal comparative data within individual categories.


STEM Premier is home to an ever-growing collection of scholarships offered by various colleges, corporations and foundations. With new scholarships added daily, you will have easy access to scholarship opportunities that match your interests. STEM Premier students can also apply for our exclusive scholarship – it only takes one click!

Dates of Interest

Keep track of important events, test registration dates and scholarship deadlines through the dates of interest section. It’s tough to keep track of all your upcoming responsibilities, so we compile significant dates based on your profile information and display them on a calendar so you can stay on top of your schedule.

College Tracker

Keep track of all of your college applications with the college tracker. This feature allows you to list schools you are interested in and lets you assign a status to each college. Manage exactly where you are in the process and showcase the schools you are considering for post-secondary education.


Colleges and corporations interested in you can reach out instantly by sending you a private message. Important conversations and opportunities are always available and easy to find in your STEM Premier Inbox.

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The Demand for Technical Skills

One of the driving factors in the STEM movement is the need for professionals with technical skills. As a technical student, your profile is tailored to highlight those valuable technical skills and achievements as well as your academic accomplishments. As the need for career-ready talent increases, your profile will help put you in position to compete for the top technical jobs and opportunities available.

Student Highlights

Highlight your technical ability and academic performance by showcasing your ACT WorkKeys scores, NOCTI scores, areas of interest and more. Businesses that are seeking an individual with a technical career path will notice that you have been applying yourself in these areas.


Don’t just share your technical experience in your profile; show it in the video section! Showcase your technical skills and expertise through a video that would be seen by businesses and colleges.


As a technical student, certifications and licensures play an important role in the development of your skills and abilities. You can display these earned credentials on your profile and show interested businesses that you are career-ready with certified skills and knowledge to do the job.

Relevant Experience

Your profile is the best way to share all your relevant experience, internships, apprenticeships, work history and extracurricular participation in the technical fields. Your information will be used by colleges and businesses to find whether or not your experiences are a match to their available opportunities.

Supporting Documentation

With STEM Premier you can safely and securely store and organize documents important to your career portfolio. Resumes, portfolios, recommendation letters, transcripts and certificates will be at your fingertips whenever you need them.

Technical Courses

As a technical student, the technical courses you take are important. We highlight those courses alongside your standard STEM and AP courses. From automotive engineering to welding, you will have access to a complete list of technical courses offered by high schools, colleges and universities.

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Connect With STEM Talent

As a STEM Premier educational institution or business, you gain exclusive access to an extensive pipeline of the nation’s top STEM talent. You will have the unique opportunity to search, identify and track students throughout their education and career so you can recruit those who best fit the opportunities within your school or organization.

Talent Search

With the talent search you can search our extensive collection of STEM talent by their location, scores, ranking and rating, interests, accomplishments and more. You will be able to easily view student profiles as well as specific achievements to find the specific talent tailored to your school or business.

STEM Tracker

The STEM Tracker makes sure students you are interested in stay on your radar. With a simple click, you can add students to your talent pipeline and follow their progress throughout their educational career as a potential candidate for opportunities within your organization.

STEM Talent Map

The STEM talent map allows colleges and businesses to geographically locate students based on specific search criteria. By seeing the distribution of STEM talent, schools and businesses can efficiently identify and recruit within their respective regions. Organizations can also analyze, compare and locate concentrations of STEM talent anywhere in the world.

Message Talent

As a college or business, you can privately message individual students about opportunities available for them without ever leaving STEM Premier. Students are unable to initiate conversations – giving you control over who you connect with on our platform. Additionally, spam is reduced and important conversations won’t get lost in general email.

College & Corporate Profile

Each college and business has their own profile within STEM Premier. Your profile shares information about your company and your involvement in the STEM fields. It is your organization’s personalized space to display videos, links and scholarships that are specific to your school or company. Most importantly, you will gain exposure to STEM talent.

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Promote your scholarships on STEM Premier and be confident that the best and brightest academic and technical STEM talent is seeing them.

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